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Wye oh Wye! Don’t let Wye Ring Failures bum you out…

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 Providing products and services to keep the power of wind working for you!

Wye oh Wye!
Don’t let Wye Ring Failures bum you out,
Kurz has you covered.

What We Do
Up-Tower Wye Ring Repair on Hitachi and Haiphong Generators with 1.5 MW Turbines.

Why use Kurz Wye Ring Repair Services?

  • Quick Response Our certified technicians can be to your site within a few days (usually less) to diagnose the issue.
  • Fast Turnaround– Up-tower repairs are typically completed in 2-3 days (less downtime for you!)
  • Huge Cost Savings– By having Kurz repair your wye ring up-tower, you wont have to go through the hassle of getting a crane on-site to remove the generator, ship it to a repair shop, etc.- this means you save thousands of dollars!
  • Peace of MindKurz has a 100% success rate with Wye Ring Repair (no failures to-date). We are also a Hitachi Approved repair center.

How to Schedule a Consultation or Service Appointment
Call: (920) 886-8220 (Jim Steinbrecher)
Email: jsteinbrecher@kurz.com
Online Request: Click Here

Pic #1 break on ring, before repair
Pic #2 shows the wye ring after repair. Kurz makes sure to repair and reinforce all possible areas that the wye ring can break. 

For additional questions, please contact:

Jay Austin – Sales Manager

Kurz Wind Division



Providing products and services to keep the power of wind working for you!

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