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Wind Products and Services

Turbine Products pexels-photo-113768
  • Carbon Brushes
  • Brush-holders
  • Generator Slip Rings
  • Oil Pump Motor (3 year warranty)
  • Oil Cooler Motor (3 year warranty)
  • GE Pitch Motors, Salem Pitch Motors (new and repaired)
  • Generation 3 Encoders (new and core exchange)
  • Grounding Brush-holder Kits for Pitch Motors
  • Generator Bearings
  • Gearbox Bearings
  • Brake Discs For GE Yaw/Pitch Drives
  • Complete GE Yaw System Components (including)
  • Anti Foghorning Yaw Piston
  • Sinstered Bronze Yaw Pad
  • Graphite Yaw Pad
  • Threaded Bushing with Jack Screws
  • Svenborg Brakes (pre and post 2011)
  • Cabinet Air Filters
  • Gearbox Inspection Cover Gaskets (Winergy, Moventas, Hansen, Rexroth, GETS, Nanjing)
  • Battery Packs
  • Yaw Brake Pucks (Svenborg and Hydrep equivalents)

Kurz Wind Flyer (pdf)

Wind Turbine Services and Repairs
  • Wye Ring Repair on Hitachi Turbines
  • Generator Bearing Replacements
  • Generator Slip Ring Changeouts
  • Brushholder Upgrades
  • Carbon Brush Changeouts
  • Generator Repair
  • Oil Pump Motor
  • Oil Cooler Motor
  • Pitch Motors: New, Re-Conditioned, and Core Exchange