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Toshiba Dry Kiln


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Toshiba’s Open Drip-Proof (ODP) Dry Kiln motor series is specifically designed for the harshest dry kiln environments.

In response to the lumber industry’s increased drying temperatures, Toshiba’s ODP product line incorporates a new and improved insulation system, allowing for the motor to run in higher ambient temperatures (115° and 135°C) for faster processing time and providing the use of adjustable speed drives (ASDs) for higher operating efficiency. Designed for the harsh internal environment of lumber drying kilns, the motor’s corrosion resistance and high structural rigidity allow for exceptional performance in any dry kiln environment with high ambient temperatures, high humidity, and chemicals.


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• NEMA Premium Efficiency

• Cast Iron Construction

• Suitable for Use with an Inverter

• Designs Available for 115° & 135°C Ambient Temperatures

• Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Paint System

• 1.15 SF for 115oC Ambient Designs


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