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Summer is here! Why have bugs?

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

(By: Andy Bauer) When one of our large OEMs came to us requesting a complete system for a hoist application, we heard in their voice the need for a solution to their challenge. As this customer already had the confidence that Kurz Industrial Solutions knows how to build a successful panel, we just needed to ensure that he was able to ward off those pesky bugs that could certainly be faced in the field.

Since this hoist application was to be installed 100s of miles away, the Kurz team collaborated and decided to assemble the major components at our New Berlin facility in order to simulate the functions and guarantee that the drive was communicating effectively with both a PLC and laptop. Our experience told us that minor timing adjustments would be needed in the field. Consequently, we discussed taking advantage of this time to maximize our customer’s knowledge on all the capabilities of their new SEW hoist VFD. With his own laptop connected, after only a short time, the customer was able to make minor adjustments independently before the system was installed on-site.

Ultimately, the customer expressed that this process served as a huge time savings and advantage in the bigger picture. Also, as is true of most OEMs today, this pre-installation insight was perceived as a global option. With our Hyptronics 1800 test panel, we can simulate any input voltage, up to 1500 amps.  This is a distinct advantage in the global market where frequently, countries use 380 and 575 60hz distribution.

Now, this customer is able to go forward with the confidence that when the system arrives at its final destination, it will function seamlessly and when adjustments do need to be made, he himself has the skills to make changes with his own computer.

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