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VFD Start Up

drivesOur advanced and dedicated VFD solutions team at Kurz for low voltage AC & DC drives is providing the best technical knowledge and support from selection, dimensioning, startup and operation, while delivering excellence and superior results to its customers through innovation, vision and integrity as well. Each engineer at Kurz is fully trained and certified by our key partnering vendors, ABB and Control Techniques. They offer highly technical advice, in a friendly and personal manner, on all issues relating to the selection, dimensioning, start-up and operation of low voltage AC drives that are either standalone or integrated into complete systems or processes. With access to the world’s widest range of drives, from 1⁄2 HP to 2000 HP and beyond, the drive solution required is never further than a phone call away. Being local ensures that ABB and Control Techniques knowledge is never far away from a customer’s plant, process or premises.

At Kurz, the Certified Drives staff adds value to not only your process, but also extends or doubles the drive warranty to 2 full years. At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we have invested in a dedicated staff, all of which have been certified by our key vendors for VFDs (ABB & Control Techniques) and have been applying drive solutions for the past 22 years. Applying, selling and servicing of our customers Variable Frequency drives are what this company was built upon. Let the knowledgeable sales staff at Kurz Industrial Solutions select a drive for your application today!