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Preventative Maintenance

in plant servicesA well-planned Preventive Maintenance Program is the key to dependable, long-life operation of your equipment.

In modern plant operations, unscheduled stoppages of production or long-repair shutdowns are intolerable and the high cost of the resultant downtime eats deeply into profits. Although management probably realizes the value of good preventive maintenance (PM) program, they sometimes resist the investment in proper tools, instruments, practices, or technical assistance. Your maintenance costs drop as you shift from emergency purchases and unscheduled downtime to planned service. Kurz can help you lower capital spending by extending system and component service life.

Kurz’s Preventive Maintenance Services are designed to support your existing maintenance and reliability engineering. We have the skilled technicians and resources to keep your electric AC & DC motors and generators in top condition. Services we provide:

  • Bearing Inspection
  • Laser Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Ultra Sonic Testing
  • PdMA
  • DC Motor Checks
  • Belt Tension