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pdmaSome like it hot! But not your electric motors. How hot is too hot? What happens to the insulation when the motor gets too hot? How about motor life when it gets too hot, how does it affect that? We here at Kurz Industrial Solutions are equipped with the equipment and technology to assist you in reducing your down time with testing, trending and taking the necessary action with our “Powerful Motor Management” from PdMA. It is our goal to invest in the equipment and training to offer this professional service to our customer base in order to reduce your down time and unplanned outages. With our equipment and reporting we can trend the following: check power quality, insulation, power circuit, stator, rotor and air gap of your motors. In a recent RPRI & GE study it was noted that motor failures consisted of 37% stator and 41% bearing failures. By teaming up with Kurz Industrial Solutions, we can reduce those numbers for you. Please call us for additional information.