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Retrofitting a VFD DC Controller Pros vs. Cons

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

The AC Variable Frequency Drive market is huge, due to the great advances in highly reliable AC power electronics and high power microprocessors. The Flux Vector AC Drive, for example, can compete on an application basis that DC Drives would in earlier years be required. True AC Motors are generally less expensive than its counterpart DC motor. And there is typically less overall maintenance on an AC Motor. However, if the customer has a well-functioning DC motor and wants to upgrade their existing DC VFD for a more higher performance DC Drive Kurz Industrial Solutions can assist with a retrofit solution as like an ABB DCS800 Drive or a complete cabinet for cabinet replacement of their DC VFD.

Even though AC Variable Frequency Drives are readily replacing DC Drives and motors, there is still a large base of DC equipment in the Wisconsin marketplace. To name a few markets is Paper Processing, Paper Converting, Plastics Manufacturing & Metals that has to be supported by experienced technicians. Kurz Industrial Solutions believes that by not abandoning the DC market we can better serve our customer base demands for keeping their DC Motors and cabling. For example, older machines with multiple exciting DC Analog drives and motors may be a great candidate for retrofitting newer digital DC drive equipment. Saving cost and downtime.

If your needs are much simpler and speed control is not part of the work scope. Kurz Industrial Solutions can provide Custom AC Drive Controllers consisting of contractors, starters, relays, pushbuttons, and PLCs. Our engineers can provide all technical expertise in applying starting up of their new ABB DCS800 Drive.

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