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A Note from Jay- The Renewable Energy Industry

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Wind Turbine Farm

A Note from Jay…

I love wind.  I believe in the future of the renewable energy industry and its ability to successfully deliver clean affordable power to everyone. At the Kurz Wind Division, we understand the most valuable service that we provide to wind farms is our knowledge and assistance in preventing turbine downtime.

How do we do that?

We understand turbine part life cycles.  We work closely with our manufacturing partners to understand the benefits and intended uses of their products.  We also realize that our clients deal with unique challenges based on their specific site locations and equipment.

We stock inventory- in large quantities.  Wind farms cannot wait for their suppliers to receive inventory to ship out. The parts need to be on the shelf, ready to go.  Kurz is committed to stocking much needed parts through the feedback we receive from your usage demands. Consumables are a major focus for the Kurz renewable parts line.

We provide the best products.  By being out in the field, listening to your needs, we can hit-the-mark as to which products provide the best solutions – and we place these parts on-shelf at Kurz. We partner with world class manufacturers to assist as their field eyes and ears, in helping to continuously improve their products based on your feedback. We are here to help.



Jay Austin Kurz Employee head shot

Jay Austin
Sales Manager
Kurz Wind Division

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