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avtron tachometer encoderWhat is an encoder? An encoder, also known as a tachometer or rotary pulse generator, is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical rotation into electrical pulses. These pulses can be used to determine speed, position, and length. A typical use for an encoder is for feedback in AC & DC motor drive control systems, but they are also used to measure and instrument process lines to improve productivity. With that said, it is important that the heartbeat of your system doesn’t stop. At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we are a distributor of the wide line of AVTRON ENCODERS. Whether it is optical, magnetic, absolute, light or heavy duty application for Industrial or OEM that you are looking for, we have the experience and reliability to assist you. Here at Kurz we stock Avtron encoder components for when your system is down and you need to get your process up and running quickly. Offering a three-year warranty on the magnetic heavy mill duty incremental encoders, Avtron is exceptionally reliable!