GREASE, GLEITMO 585 K – FUCHS 66025300234 – Case of 30 each 370 GR CARTRIDGE (~25 LB)

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Main wind application for this grease is for Pitch and Yaw Bearings. GLEITMO 585 K is a high-grade lithium-soap paste on a synthetic oil base. It contains a synergistically effective combination of Heavy-duty paste with white solid lubricants which damp shock loads and provides extensive corrosion protection to reduce wear. Temperature range: -45 / +130 °C, GLEITMO 585 K helps to prevent fretting corrosion and permits long lubrication intervals. Used for bearings and lubrication points of all types subject to particularly stringent requirements or exposed to oscillatory movements and vibration. Application in Roller bearings: fill free space in bearing and in housing only to approximately 30 to 50 % with GLEITMO 585 K. Regarding bearings which rotate only, very slowly the housing can be filled entirely with GLEITMO 585 K. GLEITMO 585 K can be pumped with automatic lubrication devices. Do not mix with greases on a different soap base. Please consult us in case of doubt!

Kurz is pleased to continue to make a commitment and contribution to the needs of the Wind Renewable Energy Industry in providing a variety of integral Wind Turbine Renewable Energy parts and consumables On-Shelf, and In-Stock.

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Weight 25 lbs