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Product Spotlight – IEEE 841 Motor

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841 motors are a series of heavy-duty motors designed to meet the requirements of severe duty industries such as forest products, petroleum, chemical, and more. This family of motors, which is produced by Baldor-Reliance (Baldor), is built for IEEE compliance. The IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is a professional association for electrical and electronic engineering. Motors built in accordance with IEEE standards are designed to meet or surpass some of the toughest standards in the industry. Along with the IEEE, most motors in the 841 family are built to meet or exceed NEMA standards. NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Its purpose is to improve electrical manufacturing processes in the United States. No matter which industry uses Baldor’s motors, consumers can rest assured they are getting durable motors designed to endure some of the most challenging environmental conditions.

tefc motor

About the 841 Motor Family

841 motors were developed for the unique demands of heavy-duty industries. Consumers requested motors that could withstand harsh environmental conditions without wearing out or breaking down. That demand gave rise to the 841 motor, which includes a series of motors that share some common features but also have varying specifications as well. Severe duty motors, which is the broad category that 841 motors belong to, are an improvement over the original totally enclosed fan-cooled motor (TEFC). In contrast to their predecessors, 841 motors are more suitable for industrial environments. They are also more cost-effective. These motors are classified as AC motors. An AC motor is an electric motor that converts alternating electrical currents into mechanical power.

Motor Specs

Since there are no standard specifications for 841 severe duty motors, their specific designs and components vary across the lineup. The 841 motors available from Baldor are essentially TEFC, horizontal and vertical, squirrel cage polyphase, single-speed induction motors. They generate anywhere from 0.75-370 kW, or 1-500 HP, and produce up to 4,000 volts. They are built in sturdy NEMA frames sized 143T and higher. This family of motors is also called “premium efficiency severe duty.” The 841 family has some exclusions, including motors with specific features that make them explosion-proof and motors that have sleeve bearings.

Industries Served

Many industries use Baldor’s 841 motors. Some of the industries that typically use this Baldor motor are oil and gas, chemical, and forest products. The 841 family of motors is ideal for consumers wanting a reliable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient electric motor. 841 motors are renowned for their versatility and diverse uses. One practical feature benefiting all consumers is the inclusion of oversized bearings on the drive and opposite end drive. This feature is especially advantageous for belt applications where considerable amounts of tension are placed on the back bearing. Since 80% of motor failures in industrial settings are caused by broken bearings, this novel feature is especially helpful for consumers.

Common Applications

The 841 motor also has many common and practical applications. This includes powering pumps, fans, conveyors, gear reducers and compressors, along with other types of heavy-duty equipment. In the forest products industry, these motors have many additional uses including pulp and paper processes, power generation, induced draft fans, cranes and hoists, and log transport. They are used in various equipment as well including belted fan applications, chippers, resin blenders, and pulpers. This series of motors also have specific advantages for the chemical and petroleum industries. In case studies, the 841 motor lineup improved efficiency for chemical plant operations and reduce overall operating costs.


Designed for many uses and industries, the Baldor 841 motor is a solid choice for a severe duty application. Today’s IEEE-approved motors are built for longevity, energy efficiency, and cost savings for a range of consumers and industries. Read more on these motors here.


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