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Onsite Testing Services

Vibration Testing

Shaking, rattling and vibrations are just a few of the things that you do not want on your electric motors, gearboxes, bearings or any power transmission products in your plant. They can cause unscheduled down time or major expenses in your maintenance budget. We here at Kurz Industrial Solutions want to team up with you to help reduce those costs by using Vibration Testing from our professional team. It’s a known fact that the majority of mechanical failures are bearing related.

However, Kurz’s scheduled Vibration Testing can help minimize the downtime and failures, adding longer operation to your equipment. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your critical motor will be in operation and that you could remove it or schedule that down when you want to? Kurz has invested in the training of our personnel and the latest equipment to keep your operation running. Contact the knowledgeable sales staff at Kurz Industrial Solutions to discuss this more or setup a Vibration schedule with us today.


Laser Alignment

Extending the life of your rotating equipment is our business. In your facility, you can spend a lot of time and money removing and installing your equipment. When you are commissioning new or maintaining existing rotating equipment, it is very important to properly align it. Properly aligning your equipment will help it run more efficiently, reduce the vibration your equipment will experience, reduce the amount of repairs that are required and reduce the amount of possible mechanical failures such as bearings, shafts, and couplings that your equipment could experience.electric motor with windings exposed

Laser shaft alignment is a more precise way of aligning your equipment and it can provide you with tremendous accuracy in a variety of industrial applications.

At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we offer trained service technicians, detailed reporting, and best in class service. As you consider outsourcing your laser shaft alignment requirements, give us a call today!



One of the most requested on-site services that we get at Kurz Industrial Solutions is our  Infrared (IR) Thermography service. Whether you are trying to determine if you have any electrical connection issues in the plant or temperature concerns with your rotating equipment such as motors or gearboxes, IR is a great service to start with. With safety being the #1 priority in most plants, implementing a regular IR service is not only a great idea, but it is also mandatory.IR photo

At Kurz Industrial Solutions, our Infrared Thermography service sends one of Kurz’s experienced service technician into your plant to take thermal images of various pre-identified temperature  points on your equipment and taking digital photographs of those same test points to generate service reports which detail each concern with a severity code. Items that are found to be of immediate concern are discussed on-site while providing the service.

If you are looking to gain more information on our Infrared Thermography service, consult with one of Kurz’s knowledgeable sales staff, would like to see a sample report, or would like a quotation for us to implement a program within your plant, please give us a call today.