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Laser Alignment

At Kurz Industrial Solutions, extending the life of your rotating equipment is our business. In your facility, you can spend a lot of time and money removing and installing your equipment. When you are commissioning new or maintaining existing rotating equipment, it is very important to properly align it. Properly aligning your equipment will help it run more efficiently, reduce the vibration your equipment will experience, reduce the amount of repairs that are required and reduce the amount of possible mechanical failures such as bearings, shafts, and couplings that your equipment could experience.

electric motor with windings exposed

Laser shaft alignment is a more precise way of aligning your equipment and it can provide you with tremendous accuracy in a variety of industrial applications.

At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we offer trained service technicians, detailed reporting, and best in class service. As you consider outsourcing your laser shaft alignment requirements, please give us a call today!