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Onsite Services

ON SITE SERVICESAt Kurz Industrial Solutions, we are committed to helping you drive down your maintenance costs and to minimizing your unplanned down time. In today’s environment, most people are trying to do more with fewer resources, but how do you ensure that you will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible? Let the sales professionals at Kurz work with you to determine how to achieve this goal!

From offering Predictive Maintenance solutions to troubleshooting your motor or drive problem, Kurz Industrial Solutions can help. We offer several on-site mechanical services ranging from Vibration Testing & Oil Analysis, to electrical services such as Thermography, PDMA testing and Transformer Testing.

In the world of predictive maintenance, it is one thing to simply take readings and gather data, but to have certified technicians that can correctly analyze that data and then make appropriate recommendations is the key to your predictive maintenance success. Kurz offers experienced and certified technicians to ensure that you are getting the suitable services that will help you achieve your goals.

When it comes to starting-up or trouble-shooting your variable speed drives or soft starts, Kurz has the technicians to fulfill these requirements as well. Whether you are looking to prevent machine failures or you need to minimize your down time because of a failure, Kurz is here to help!