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New & Remanufactured Pitch Motors: Get More for your Money

Treat yourself to a new or remanufactured motor without the treat-yourself-price.

We’re here to get you exceptional products at a great price, which is why we created a core exchange program to save you up to 25% on your purchase! Get a quote from our team today!

Our team at Kurz has taken both used and failed GE & AMD pitch motor cores, keyed & splined, in 20NM and 30NM sizes, and replaced every part (aside from motor core and brake) with new & upgraded parts. We don’t just repair – we remanufactured.

We can even even convert keyed motors to spline. And as part of this program, we offer a 2-year warranty from the install date, with pricing that’s usually 20-25% lower than GE, depending on what you need.

The breakdown: how we do it

Remanufactured Pitch Motors have multiple features including new precision sealed bearings with high temp grease. Did you know this is the most common OEM failure mode? We upgrade the Avtron digital encoder for easy diagnosing, while also including class H high temp 180 C insulation and inverter duty wire.

We also add a new shaft on every motor, new grounding brush, and include two sets of new RTDs on every motor for both GE & AMD. We take care of each and every aspect, so when you get your motor, you have complete peace of mind.

Want it new? The new pitch motors we have include all the above features, plus a new motor core, brake & blower fan already installed! Find out how easy it is to get yours by talking to our expert team.

Make today the day you finally find a better, more affordable motor. Check out your options:

  • 100% NEW Pitch Motors – 20NM and 30NM – Keyway or Spline
  • REMANUFACTURED Pitch Motors – 20NM and 30NM – Keyway or Spline
  • REMANUFACTURED TOP HAT Adapters available – Keyway or Spline. Options include Nanjing; Rossi; and Liebherr, etc.

We’re here to help you. Request a quote today, and thank yourself tomorrow.