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NEMA: Our Go-To Resources

We make it a priority to know motors, inside and out. We study NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) materials so we can provide you with better products that are perfect for your application.

Thanks to NEMA standards we work in an industry where if your NEMA frame motor fails you aren’t forced into replacing it with the same brand of motor as before. Standard NEMA frame motors share critical dimensions such as shaft diameter, base to center shaft height and mounting provisions regardless of manufacturer.

This is exceptionally valuable when you have aren’t happy with a motor manufacturer that fails your application frequently. You probably don’t want to buy the same motor again. The key here is understanding the NEMA motor frame charts.

There have been many changes in motor frames over the decades. Technology improvements enable manufacturers to be smarter with their materials and engineering, so they can make smaller framed motors with more horsepower.

Here’s an example for you: the same frame size that produced 40 HP about seventy years ago can now produce more than double that, at 100 HP. The current NEMA frame sizes are designated T frames, and were debuted back in 1964. Previous standard frames were U frame motors, which were just twelve years earlier in 1952. The frame sizes before 1952 are simply referred to as original. Even though T frames have been the standard in the US for well over 50 years, “U” frame motors and even original motors can still be found.

Download the below PDFs, and check out the NEMA Quick Reference Chart for any questions you have. For everything else, you can always ask us.