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Bio Spotlight- Ryan Johnson

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Name:  Ryan Johnson

Job Title:  Sales Representative

Years in industry:  24

Years with Kurz:  2

Area of expertise:  Knowing which application specialist to call for each question I can’t answer myself – HAHA.  I am getting my legs underneath me with motor and controls knowledge.

Reason you love your career:  It is a real-life “How It’s Made” episode.   Many people in the US do not understand the complexity of industrial manufacturing and I personally am intrigued by industrial processes and automation.  I think it is awesome to see how paper, plastics, food and lumber are made and how big rocks are turned into small rocks!  I always appreciate a plant tour and people who are willing to teach me something new about how products are built in western Wisconsin.

Fun Fact:  I teach “Financial Peace University” with my wife at our church.  We have helped numerous families move toward becoming debt free over the last 5 years.

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