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Mersen (Carbone Brushes) and Kurz Partnership Leads to COST SAVINGS for Customers!

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Kurz has developed a partnership with Mersen (Carbone Brushes) to proactively analyze DC Motor applications to determine the best DC brushes for that particular application. In doing an on-sight DC Brush Evaluation, Mersen-Kurz may recommend switching to a different type of DC brush (different density, copper content, etc.) that would make the DC motor run longer between scheduled maintenance, which in turn would lead to cost savings for our customer.

The Mersen-Kurz DC brush evaluation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Contact your Kurz Representative to set up an in-house evaluation.
  2. Mersen-Kurz comes in and performs the on sight evaluation.
  3. Mersen-Kurz sends the completed evaluation with recommendations to you.

Also, please note that in conjunction with doing the Mersen-Kurz DC motor brush evaluation, Mersen-Kurz will come in and present a Kurz Learning Seminar on DC brush evaluation and maintenance at your facility.

Mersen-Kurz DC motor brush evaluation and Kurz Learning Seminar on DC brushes – two opportunities for COST SAVINGS for your department and your company.

Contact your local Kurz Representative to set up training and evaluations today at 920.882.8200.

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