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Mersen (Carbone Brushes) and Kurz Partnership Leads to COST SAVINGS for Customers!

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Kurz has developed a partnership with Mersen (Carbone Brushes) to proactively analyze DC Motor applications to determine the best DC brushes for that particular application. In doing an on-sight DC Brush Evaluation, Mersen-Kurz may recommend switching to a different type of DC brush (different density, copper content, etc.) that would make the DC motor run longer between scheduled maintenance, which in turn would lead to a cost savings for our customer.

The Mersen-Kurz DC brush evaluation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Contact your Kurz Representative to setup an in house evaluation.
  2. Mersen-Kurz comes in and performs the on sight evaluation.
  3. Mersen-Kurz sends the completed evaluation with recommendations to you.

Also, please note that in conjunction with doing the Mersen-Kurz DC motor brush evaluation, Mersen-Kurz will come in and present a Kurz Learning Seminar on DC brush evaluation and maintenance at your facility.

Mersen-Kurz DC motor brush evaluation and Kurz Learning Seminar on DC brushes – two opportunities for COST SAVINGS for your department and your company.

Contact your local Kurz Representative to setup training and evaluations today at 920.882.8200.

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