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Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #12: Avtron

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions
Kurz Wind Podcast
Kurz Wind Podcast Episode #12: Avtron


Nidec-Avtron is a leading manufacturer of encoders and tachometers in the Wind Power space.  With thousands of units installed in towers across the globe, they’re on the cutting edge of design, performance, and reliability for your Wind Turbines.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The AV56 Generation 3 Pitch Encoder design and upgrades.
  • How to properly install and maintain your pitch motor encoders.
  • Common failure modes you might see uptower, and how you can troubleshoot.
  • Introduce a brand new generator encoder upgrade for your GE Fleet.
  • Discussion on product design and engineering as Wind growth continues to accelerate in North America.

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