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Kurz Adds PdMA’s MCEMAX Testing Capabilities

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Kurz is proud to be the first electric motor repair service facility in Wisconsin to invest in the new MCEMAX from PdMA Corporation.  MCEMAX is the only testing and analysis tool on the market that combines static and dynamic testing, which can be conducted on most applications and motors regardless of size, type, and condition.  The tester, a field portable unit, can be utilized whether the motor is running or shut down. It offers the combination of accurate motor circuit analysis with motor power analysis, two functions that have previously required separate tools.

MCEMAX provides chronological, comprehensive baseline data that can trend the condition of the motor through its service lifetime, an important predictive maintenance function. The device represents the combination of two separate technologies: MCE and EMAX.

The MCE (Motor Circuit Evaluator) is a static test system that produces comprehensive evaluations of motor and circuit conditions in only a few minutes. It analyzes motor fault zones for detection of electrical faults and can actively send signals to de-energized motors.

The EMAX is a dynamic test system which is passive and acquires information from the power signals traveling to and from the energized motor. It can provide electrical and mechanical data through voltage and current measurement while testing and monitoring fault zones for vital information.

There are six fault zones in every AC motor and sometimes issues associated with them are not easily detectable.

The fault zones:

  • Power Quality – In this zone, the tester diagnoses voltage spikes, variable frequency drives, harmonic distortion, and power imbalance.
  • Power Circuit – At issue here are conductors and connectors from the testing point through and including internal motor connections.
  • Insulation – Wet insulation between the windings and ground and other surface contaminants is likely to increase current flow to ground and can increase temperatures to unacceptable levels.
  • Stator – The stator is composed of copper windings connected through solder joints and lugs. The cost of having to remove and rewind a stator can be considerable.
  • Rotor – Impedance and inductance testing are essential for detecting rotor issues and its potential to cause havoc with the stator windings.
  • Air Gap – This often overlooked fault zone involves the evenly distributed gap between the rotor and the stator. MCEMAX can detect any inconsistencies, which will warrant a visual inspection. Left unattended, a non-symmetric gap could result in a rotor/stator rub and possible catastrophic failure.

To realize the financial benefit of adopting a predictive rather than reactive approach to motor maintenance, contact your Kurz sales representative at 920.886.8200.

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