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An inside look at ABB’s Yumi Robot

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Today, technology infiltrates just about every aspect of our lives. From smartphones to in-car entertainment systems, technology is something that we use every day. Now, some companies are taking technological advances a step further. Such is the case with the company called ABB, which has created an assembly robot to work alongside humans in technical and manufacturing roles. The robot, which is categorized as a “collaborative robot,” is designed to improve efficiency and help create highly individualized products. The ultimate goal is to shorten the manufacturing and production cycle, improve product output, and improve overall product quality.


About ABB

abb yumi robotThe brains behind the collaborative robot is a company called ABB. ABB is a combined Swiss and Swedish company that focuses on five core areas of technology: electrification, industrial automation, motion, discrete robotics, and power grids. The company, which is headquartered in Switzerland, has a number of partners and works on many collaborative projects. It serves many major industries including data protection, automotive, buildings and infrastructure, medicine, power generation, mining, oil and gas, life sciences, power distribution, and food and beverage. Its robotics equipment, including the Yumi, are designed to make manufacturing processes safer, more streamlined, and more efficient regardless of the industry served.


About Yumi

Yumi is an assembly robot. Its nickname is the “innovative human,” and for good reason. The product is specially designed with a human robot arm to improve safety, functionality, and mirror a human’s motions on the assembly line. Its design also accounts for the fact that humans (and now robots) generally work close together, side-by-side, on the same repetitive tasks on assembly lines.


The Family Grows

Along with the original product, ABB is creating several additions to the Yumi lineup. One is called the 7 axis YuMi. It is the smallest of the robotics family yet, and also one of the most agile. These features make the 7 axis more transportable and more efficient for production purposes. While the original Yumi only comes with a single-arm design, the 7 axis can be outfitted as a single-arm device or equipped with two arms for additional efficiency. The addition of the second human robot arm expands the robot’s functionality. The two-armed robot can be used for other parts of the production cycle, such as adding an inspection station or a parts feed to an existing production line. The dual-armed Yumi also has a greater production speed than the original version, which is a bonus for companies concerned with increasing product creation time to meet consumer demand.


No Learning Curve

Many technical and mechanical products require extensive training or even specialized knowledge to use. That’s not the case with ABB’s robot, however. The industrial robot, which has a slogan of “you and me together,” is a user-friendly product that is easy to setup and use. Individuals without previous knowledge of the equipment can use robotics in the family line without undergoing extensive training and without having any previous knowledge.



While other robots are being used in the industrial sector, the Yumi is the first to have a truly collaborative nature. Its slogan of “you and me together” is fitting for the device that is designed to work side-by-side with workers while also maintaining a high level of safety and quality. The robotic device can also perform some complex human tasks such as assembling watches, PC tablets, and threading needles.

ABB, a company based in Switzerland, has launched a new collaborative robotic device that’s designed to facilitate product creation and expedite output. The goal is to improve efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction by integrating Yumi and the robot’s family into industrial productions around the world.


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