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POWER PLANT, Street Level, OSU E>W #4At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we have experience with several energy companies ranging from industrial power plants to alternative energy companies, such as ethanol plants. Regardless of the type of energy plant you have, Kurz recognizes that up-time is key. Our ability to repair motors, from fractional, specialty motors to 10,000 horsepower motors, allows us to meet all motor repair requirements from each power plant. These plants often have a combination of induction and synchronous motors and Kurz has the experience and skill set to repair both types.

Many industrial power plants have several week shutdowns, which is their time to get a lot of the scheduled maintenance done. At Kurz Industrial Solutions, we recognize the importance of getting all of this work done within the specified time frame. We work with your personnel to ensure that the repairs are done reliably, and with a quick turnaround time to meet these needs.

Kurz also can help the alternative energy and industrial power plants complete a cost justification analysis on putting in a variable frequency drive into a pump or fan application. We actually offer certain drives that calculate, track and display your energy savings from the time you commission the drive, displaying real-time energy savings. Please contact your local Kurz representative for a demonstration today!