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Featured Products You Need to Know

The SEW-Eurodrive Industrial Gear Units: Large Gearing

Our customers need more than a product that just gets the job done. That’s why we partner with manufacturers like SEW-Eurodrive, a worldwide leader in drive technology that is constantly creating energy-efficient solutions. Kurz Industrial has been named the Premium Value Partner for SEW Eurodrive – one of only two in the country.

The SEW-Eurodrive Industrial Gear (IG) units are one of our most popular products, thanks to the versatility and performance you get with these gears.

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X SERIES: Say goodbye to oversized gear units.

Covering torque ranges from 60,200 to 4,200,000 lb-in, the X Series is a product with tons of graduated sizes to guarantee you can get a gear unit that closely matches your torque requirements. That means you won’t have to waste money on an oversized gear unit, like so many do.

If you’re looking to reduce costs and weight, the X Series is a great option for you. Designed to be flexible to fit pre-engineered accessories (like cooling systems, NEMA motor input adapters, seal systems etc.), the X Series is a robust gear unit made with you in mind.

Here are just a few of the applications the X Series is perfect for:

  • Conveyor systems used in building material, food, chemical, and feed industries
  • Timber and paper
  • Steel and environmental industries
  • Bucket elevators
  • Bulk material handling

The X Series also has great design features like universal mounting positions, helical and bevel-helical gear units, and both single-piece and split gear unit housing

MC SERIES: Small torque ranges, rejoice.

The MC Series gear units are designed specifically for small torque ranges (up to 575,00 lb-in). Little space requirements and high availability is just part of what sets the MC Series apart.

Even though the MC Series is great for standard horizontal, vertical and upright mounting, this gear unit is particularly great for medium gear ratios.

Plus, say goodbye to oil leakage thanks to an optional drywell seal to stop leakage at the output shaft (and still enables a standard mounting flange).

ML SERIES: Flexibility to the nth degree

This gear unit series is designed to ensure it meets requirements in the upper torque range, from 1.5 to 6 million lb-in. The ML Series gear units can be a home to tons of varieties of modules mounted on its input and output shafts. (Example: the input shaft could have a brake on one side, and a fan on the other.) Plus, the welded steel housing is designed for customization, like center distance.

Is it for you? The ML Series is ideal for:

  • Mining
  • Crane Construction
  • Hoists: boom hoist, main hoist/winch
  • Large conveyor drives for bulk material handling
  • Mill drives, for raw material processing

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