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Solution for the Food Industry

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Food processing is extremely important to Wisconsin, and Kurz Industrial Solutions takes their role as a supplier to this industry very seriously.

As a mechanical product specialist with Kurz, I experienced a customer having issues with stainless steel bearings being used on a conveyor system where the setscrews were causing the inner race to crack as being installed.   Stainless steel bearings are more susceptible to breakage than carbon steel if even the set screws are slightly over tightened.

Our fix for the customer was to use the DODGE D-LOK style of bearing which eliminates setscrews which only tighten on two locations to a shaft. The DODGE D-LOK bearing tightens 360 degrees on the shaft by tightening with a split inner ring and a clamping collar, giving a much more secure but more forgiving locking mechanism than setscrew locking units with much less worry for inner ring cracking.

Kurz Industrial Solutions have shown many of our customers the benefits of standardizing on the Dodge D-LOK bearing not only for the food industry but for most non-food industries showing each of our customers that there is a better way than just the old “Standard way” of shaft locking.

Give Kurz Industrial Solutions a call or fill out a quote today; we would be pleased to bring out a sample to show you the benefits of the DODGE D-LOK bearing today.

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