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DTC – A Revolutionary Technology Developed by ABB

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

DTC – A Revolutionary Technology Developed by ABB - photoDirect torque control, or DTC as it is called, is the very latest drive technology developed by ABB.  DTC describes the way in which the control of torque and speed are directly based on the electromagnetic state of the motor.  It is the first technology to control the “real” motor control variables of torque and flux.  With DTC, there is no modulator and no requirement for a tachometer or position encoder to feedback the speed or position of the motor shaft.

Kurz recently assisted a local plastics plant in undergoing a DC to AC conversion on a critical piece of equipment.  The customer selected an ABB ACS880 drive and was pleased to discover that they could eliminate the need to select, purchase, and install an encoder due to ABB’s revolutionary DTC technology. Ultimately, DTC saved them time and money.

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