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Dodge Torque-Arm II Shaft Mount Reducers

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Dodge Torque-Arm II shaft mount reducers deliver longer life for stressful applications. These shaft mounted gear reducers use patented harsh duty sealing system, twin-tapered bushings, and the highest torque rating per case size. Torque-Arm II reducers require less maintenance, which increases operating time and lowers your total cost of ownership all while providing you with maximum dependability.

Dodge Torque Arm II

Image Courtesy of ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc.

Easy Use

  • Flexible mounting allows you to minimize your inventory. The Dodge Torque-Arm II can be mounted to shafts as well as flange and screw conveyor drives.
  • Features twin tapered bushing system that makes installation and removal quick and easy. This leads to reduced maintenance and increased uptime.
  • Industry-leading sealing technology ensures maximum protection against contaminants, giving you the maximum reducer life


  • Available in 12 case sizes up to 400 Hp (300 kW)
  • Torque ratings through 500,000 lb.-in. (56,500 Nm)
  • Accommodates shaft sizes up to 7 inches (160 mm)
  • Warranty is 36 months from date of manufacture or 18 months in service


Dodge Torque Arm II

Image Courtesy of ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc.

Safety is of the utmost importance, the Dodge Torque-Arm II was designed with this in mind earning it an ATEX Certification. A number of features and accessories are intended to keep employees safe from installation to operation.

  • Drilled and tapped for bushing covers to keep workers safe from rotating equipment
  • Belt guards in order to prevent injury during operation
  • Reverse rotation is prevented by backstops when the system stops
  • Tie rod kit provides a safety link between the gear reducer and the structure by preventing system rotation

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