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Dodge Bulk Material Handling

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When it comes to top-notch material handling, Kurz Industrial Solutions reigns supreme. Since 1918, Kurz has provided industrial solutions to a wide range of companies. Kurz, a local resource for quality customer care and products, proudly partners with Dodge for bulk material support. Dodge’s experienced material handlers provide exceptional customer satisfaction with an impressive portfolio of mechanical components and Baldor electrical components. Dodge also utilizes a unique Passport online selection tool and offers consumers decades’ worth of expert belt engineering. Despite a broad-reaching philosophy and presence, Dodge proudly provides local support to consumers.

The Kurz and Dodge Partnership

Although Kurz is a competent leader in the industry, we proudly partner with Dodge to design and verify customer projects or troubleshoot issues with conveyor drives and pulleys and shafting. As a company with superior customer satisfaction, we strive to find partnerships that benefit both the companies involved and consumers. Through this strategic partnership, Kurz provides consumers with a one-stop solution for packaged proposals and fast delivery of factory-assembled packages. These packages are designed to increase productivity, reliability, and inspire safe operation. Furthermore, Kurz’s employees can make site visits and evaluate customers’ needs. They can also compile a personalized design for drive packages up to 300 kW that show motor, reducer, drive pulley, various take-ups, and idlers.

From a proposal to follow-up, Dodge and Kurz have consumers’ needs covered. This improves reliability, efficiency, safety, and productivity. The process starts with a proposal stage that provides consumers with just one supplier for their design and engineering needs. Consumers will also get standout care in the areas of proposal, order, delivery, and follow-up. The proposal process provides a single supplier for each customer’s design and engineering needs. Through Passport, a web-based application, consumers can browse electronically for online pricing and information ranging from individual parts to full conveyor designs. This expands options for consumers and minimizes the learning curve. In the ordering phase, consumers have one point of contact for a package. Through Passport, consumers can enter order information for individual parts or fully-packaged applications. Delivery brings an extended warranty for full packages. Package assemblies are offered through stock parts, which also reduces the risk of safety problems. Dodge also provides training, bench-marking, and field service startup. Field sales engineers are available for onsite support. They also monitor trends and engage in ongoing site visits. Lastly, field sales engineers always look for ways to improve. That includes introducing new products, troubleshooting, and providing onsite training.

Product Innovation

Many products use Passport, which is an electronic system that makes life (and business) easier for consumers. Essentially, it is designed for Baldor motors and Dodge’s mechanical products. Passport uses a visual and intuitive process to help users navigate a wide selection of components and assembled packages for conveyors. The Passport program draws on years’ worth of conveyor engineering expertise to give users the opportunity to view pricing, real-time availability, submit orders, and design conveyor packages. Passport requires a capacity of 3,500 tons each hour, standard belt widths, and takeup conveyor profiles for automatic and manual systems.

Drive Packages

Dodge’s drive packages are designed to facilitate consumers’ most demanding needs. The drive packages that reach 100 HP or 75 kW feature a single drive assembly or a dual-drive assembly. Designed for a range of material handling, this package includes Baldor-Reliance Crusher Duty motors that produce high torque. This package also features a motorized Torque-Arm II that eliminates the need for guarding and belts. Drive packages that reach 400 HP or 300 kW are also available. They feature an innovative torque-arm that leads the industry in heavy-duty gearbox drive applications. This package also comes with powerful Baldor Crusher Duty motors.


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