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Category: Industrial Solutions

What is the difference between VFD and VSD?

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Variable frequency drive (VFD) and variable speed drive (VSD) are two types of drives that work with different motors. VFD drives are only compatible with alternating current (AC) motors. VSD drives can be used with either AC or direct current (DC) motors. Kurz Industrial can answer your questions about the two types of drives and [read more…]

Lubriplate Lubricants

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Lubricants are found just about everywhere that you look. From food to medicine, they are important additions to many products, and they are widely used across many different industries. At Lubriplate Lubricants, you can find lubricants made for a wide range of industrial uses. Kurz Industrial Solutions is a proud distributor of Lubriplate products and [read more…]

Dodge Expansion Bearings Breakdown

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Expansion bearings are not required for conveyor pulleys. However, using expansion bearings is also considered to be a best practice. Expansion bearings provide many advantages, including offering axial adjustment of the bearing in the housing, which allows for shaft expansion. The Advantages of an Expansion Bearing Using an expansion bearing provides a number of benefits, [read more…]

Brand Spotlight: Conveyors, Incorporated

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Kurz Industrial Solutions is proud to support Conveyors, Incorporated (Conveyors, Inc.) as our primary source for material handling equipment. Kurz supports Conveyors, Inc. to bring you quality support, products, and the timely service that your business needs to succeed. About the Company Since its foundation in 1974, Conveyors, Inc. has produced customers in the United [read more…]

Correct Methods of Belt Installation and Alignment

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Proper belt tension is critical to performance. If your belts do not have adequate tension, slippage can occur, which causes premature wearing of the belts, sheaves, or sprockets. Proper alignment is also essential for maximizing your belt drive’s lifespan. V-belt and synchronous belt drives are frequently used to transmit torque and change speeds from a [read more…]

6 parts of an electric motor

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Electric motors play a large role in keeping industrial operations running smoothly. Electric motors have several key parts that allow them to effectively turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, which then creates a shaft rotation to keep your plant operating. As the experts at Kurz Industrial can explain, an electric motor has six key parts [read more…]

Advantages to using an electric motor

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Two of the most common types of motors that you can get are gasoline and electric. Both are used in a wide variety of vehicles and equipment. So if you’re considering getting an electric motor, you’re probably wondering what the advantages are. The experts at Kurz Industrial Solutions will gladly explain the benefits of electric [read more…]

Common Causes of Electrical Motor Failure

Posted on by Matt Passannante

Electric motors can fail for many reasons. Motors have an average lifespan of 30,000 – 40,000 hours, which depends largely on maintenance. Motors that stop functioning can bring your operations to a halt, along with causing downtime and lost revenue. They can also be a safety hazard. If your electric motors are not working properly, [read more…]