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Carbon Brushes: What They Are and Why They’re Important

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

If you’ve spent any time around an electric motor you’ve likely heard the term carbon brush. The question is what is a carbon brush and why does it matter?

A carbon brush is a really just a small square of carbon that is used to carry a current through your electric motor. Without a carbon brush, the electric motor wouldn’t work. Now, do you think it’s important?

Types of Carbon Brushes

Different types of carbon brushes exist based on the construction of the motor. At Kurz, we know first hand the importance and impact a carbon brush has on your motor. We trust Mersen carbon brush products.

We like Mersen because they are the leading manufacturer of carbon brushes, and more importantly, offer a wide range of brushes for all types of electric motors and grounding devices.

Why are carbon brushes important?

Simply put, carbon brushes reduce the damage to the motor.

The block of carbon, referred to as a brush, carries a current back and forth from the stationary parts of a motor to the moving parts.

These brushes also help transmit electricity from outside the motor to the mid part, or spinning area of the motor. Carbon brushes are soft, so they tend to wear down as a result of all of the friction they are exposed to.

This is wear and tear is desirable when the alternative is the wearing down of the communicator, which is the ring that the carbon brush presses against. Their design makes them easily replaceable.

Although they may not fit perfectly from the start, with use and a bit of time the brush will fit effortlessly against the communicator ring.

Pay Attention To Your Carbon Brush

The frequency with which the carbon brush will need to be replaced depends on how often the motor is used. That’s why it’s so important to have the carbon brush checked regularly.

When the brush begins to wear out, you can run the risk of damaging the communicator ring. It’s also important to watch for damage or a build up of dirt on the brush.

When the holder gets damaged or there is a build up of dirt, the brush will no longer be able to move freely. This can result in sparking and an inability for the carbon brush to connect effectively with the communicator.

Don’t Risk It, Call The Specialists At Kurz

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