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NORD Gear Corporation: A Champion of Quality and Innovation

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With offices in the United States and a presence worldwide, NORD (short for NORD Gear Corporation) is a leading provider for mechanical and electronic systems needs. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, marking a half-century of innovative products and services for companies around the world. Now, consumers have access to the company’s high-quality motors, gear systems, drive systems, and much more.


About the Company

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NORD Gear was founded in 1965. Today, it is a parent company with multiple subsidiaries. While the company technically started in 1965, it did not start mass-product production until about a decade later. In 1977, the company established its first modern factory for gear production. Following successful product sales and high demand, the company expanded its reach with the introduction of several subsidiaries in 1979 and multiple assembly centers. Its product line continued to expand, and in 1980 it released the UNICASE series of leak-proof housing components. The mid-1980s brought the establishment of the company’s inaugural motor manufacturing and frequency inverter manufacturing facilities. In 1992, NORD’s product line expanded again to include castings and steel parts. The late 1990s and early 2000s brought an international scope to the company’s products. In 1997, a motor manufacturing plant was created in Italy. Assembly plants soon followed in France, Austria, the UK, and China. An additional plant opened in Germany for the company’s 50th anniversary.


Industry-Leading Products


Today, the company is known for its high-quality and industry-leading products. One of its best-selling products, which is still in production (and demand) today is UNICASE housing. This system is a one-piece housing unit that contains all the parts for a transmission system. NORD’s product design features a leak-free sealing, reduced noise, an increased torque output, higher maintenance intervals, and an extended gearbox lifespan. The brand’s housing systems are also known for their exceptional performance and output capabilities. Collectively, these characteristics make NORD’s housing product as an industry leader.


Another top product offered by NORD is gearbox solutions. Shortly after launching its housing systems, the company followed with the release of its gearbox solutions. These personalized gearbox designs are used in conjunction with the company’s electronic control solutions to improve efficiency, output, and bottom line for consumers around the world. Its gearboxes currently power large facilities including a Corona brewery located in Mexico, one of Canada’s largest sawmill operations, major sports stadiums in Australia, the National Theater in China, and many more.


Quality and Customer Service


All NORD drive systems on the market are designed to meet the most rigid standards in the industry. This includes NIEMANN, DIN 3990, and AGMA. NORD Gear is also ISO 9001-certified. As if holding these certifications wasn’t enough, the company continually strives for even higher levels of quality standards and design. Along with ensuring high-quality NORD drive systems, motors, and other products, the company is also proud of its high levels of customer satisfaction. A 24-hour emergency service hotline is just the start of what the company offers for customer assistance and support. Trained technicians, sales staff, and other personnel are also on hand around the world to offer immediate and personalized attention to customers. Preventative maintenance, product tutorials, and technical questions are other areas covered by the company’s staff. Furthermore, customers have access to an online portal with training tools, product information, account information, and additional web-based access to NORD staff members around the clock.


Now in business for over 50 years, NORD Gear has established a reputation as a provider of high-quality, innovative products and solutions for a variety of industrial and manufacturing needs. Now with offices, staff support, and manufacturing facilities worldwide, the company is expanding its outreach and customer base faster than ever in the age of technology.

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