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Bio Spotlight: Rhonda Grenell

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Name: Rhonda GrenellRhonda Grenell: Receptionist

Job Title: Receptionist

Years in Industry: 1.5

Years with Kurz: 1.5

Area of Expertise: I have several different areas of expertise per say, I wear a lot of hats, and I try to my best in all areas!

I like all areas of what my job consists of, such as customer service, vendor and employee interactions, invoicing, billing, projects, and collections. My favorite would have to be being the face of Kurz Industrial Solutions!

There is always something or someone to help 😊

Why Rhonda Loves Her Career: Kurz is a fun and engaging place to “work,” I enjoy the laughter that is always heard (usually coming from me) and the smiles on everyone’s faces! I like to hear the customer say thank you for sounding cheerful when I answer the phone.

I always try to have a smile in my voice for the customer and co-workers!

Rhonda’s Favorite Hobbies: I enjoy my family, our new German Shepard puppy, Tucker, along with my two Siamese cats, Berkley and Stanley. Tucker is a fun addition to our family. We do a lot of boating aon the Wolf River and on Lake Winnebago! Working in my yard is my passion (moving rocks LOL) and gardening. Steve, my husband, and I are home bodies and enjoy sitting on our patio in our back yard.

Hear Rhonda smile through the phone! Call 920-886-8200 if you need any help what-so-ever!

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