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Kurz DC Motor Inspections

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

Our on-site services same time and money. Here’s what you get with a Kurz on-site DC motor inspection.

  • Physical inspections of DC motors as detailed on report provided by Kurz.
  • Check brush spring tension and brush length.
  • Check commutator condition/color, blow out carbon dust – away from commuter.
  • Clean all motor windows.
  • Inspect brushes for wear and change out brushes as needed, document and manage inventory.
  • Final inspection and double-check that covers are secure.
  • Provide report and recommended action items to the customer.

Kurz can also perform a visual interior inspection, where we check for things like the condition of the string band or Teflon band; a visual exterior inspection, where we check things like inspecting leads for any overheating at the opening in the lead cleat; a mechanical inspection, where we measure brush lengths per OEM/individual HTS property specifications; and a deep clean, like using low-pressure compressed air nozzle to blow carbon dust and dirt from interior of motor.

You can find out our exact checklists by reading more about our on-site DC motor inspections below, or by reaching out to our team today!


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