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3 Benefits of Predictive Electric Motor Maintenance 

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

3 Benefits of Predictive Electric Motor Maintenance 

If you’re wondering “what is predictive electric motor maintenance?” and how it can help with your equipment and operations, Kurz has the answers. Electric motors constantly perform under pressure. Additionally, they have many parts and components that can wear out over time. By catching problems earlier on, you can avoid more significant problems later. Here are three good reasons to build a maintenance plan into your program.

Stop Problems Before They Get Worse

A problem that starts out minor with electric motors can quickly become worse if it’s not addressed. Ultimately, motors can fail and cause downtime, which in turn impacts business operations. A predictive maintenance plan catches problems with your engine early on so that you avoid more serious problems, including catastrophic motor failure, down the road. Kurz can perform a simple inspection, such as checking the lubrication once every month, to ensure the motor is healthy and operating at its best.

Prolong Equipment’s Lifespan

Keeping electric motors properly serviced and maintained can prolong the lifespan of your equipment. There are special tools that you (or a trained professional) can use to check for faults in the electric motor’s connections, such as an infrared analysis tool. By using this type of predictive maintenance, a mechanic can find underlying problems and issues in the motor and perform any necessary repairs before they impact the motor’s performance and reduce its efficiency.

Prevent Downtime

Another advantage of predictive maintenance for electric motors is that it reduces downtime. This includes downtime caused by sudden equipment failure and having to wait for replacement parts to arrive when you notice that the motor is no longer working properly. Having a mechanic perform a routine inspection on your electric motor is a good way to look for problems in the motor that will otherwise get worse if they are not fixed. If a problem is discovered during a routine maintenance inspection, you will have more time to schedule repairs and find replacement parts while the motor is still capable of power your machinery. When the component arrives, you can simply replace it on the spot and greatly reduce the amount of lost productivity and downtime. By reducing downtime, predictive maintenance also cuts down on the costs associated with more expensive repairs, and it can save on energy that is used when an ailing motor struggles to work harder.

Even electric motors that are properly serviced and maintained will eventually wear out, but keeping an eye on them can tremendously improve their performance and reduce associated problems caused by ailing electric motors, including facing a motor that needs to be replaced sooner than necessary or costly downtime. Contact Kurz today for expert predictive maintenance.


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