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4 Reasons To Buy Your Electric Motors From a Local EASA-Certified Repair Shop

Posted on by Kurz Industrial Solutions

When it comes to selecting a source for new electric motor purchases, buyers are faced with multiple options to choose from including; the internet, national chain distributors, & local motor repair shops. The buying process can vary greatly depending on which option you choose. There are many reasons why selecting a local EASA-certified repair shop may be the best choice:

1)       Repair   By opting to buy your motor from a repair shop, you can be assured that your supplier also has the ability to service your motor should the need ever arise. If the repair shop is EASA-certified, you can have confidence that they are adhering to the best practices in the industry for motor rewind & repair to ensure efficiency & reliability.

2)       Modifications  If your motor needs modifications (ie. RTDs, thermistors, etc.) the motor repair shop can complete many of these mods in-house in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

3)       Warranty  Many EASA-certified shops also serve as authorized warranty centers for many different motor manufacturers. This can save you considerable time & hassle.

4)       Technical Support  Motor repair shops specialize in electric motor knowledge & expertise. For technical questions, you can expect prompt and accurate answers. If you need motor drawings, specifications, electrical data, etc., your local repair shop likely has quick access to this info as well.

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